Develop a toolkit for writing text

Imagine having a tried-and-tested set of principles for great writing, ready to draw on when you need it. At TextWorkshop courses, we share practical and inspiring fundamentals for writing text, along with lots of tips and techniques for polished and well-judged words.

Feedback from a course we held at the Wallace Collection in London included:

“The day exceeded my expectations – it has really given me so much to think about.”

“Great examples and tips. I feel prepared to go away and use this new knowledge.”

“Super, super day. Thank you very much.”

“It was a great group size and I now have a toolkit for text-writing.”

“It is hard to define what was the best part because all the content is relevant and applicable.”

“As a result of being here I will take inspiration from other writing sources such as children’s books.”

“The course leaders made it fun and interesting – and funny. It has really inspired me.”

“All hugely helpful, informative and also fun.”

“I feel I have a methodology now to approach the task  of text-writing.”