The New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors

This essential tool for any writer is now one hundred years old. What makes it

different from any other dictionary? Slim, unfussy and now newly updated, it contains

words and phrases others dictionaries don’t – in utero, Gatling gun and Pecksniffian,

for example. (If you know what Pecksniffian means tweet @textworkshop and we’ll

give you a badge.) It also provides alternative American and British spellings, and

guidance on hyphens (strip-search not stripsearch), capitals (Virgin Queen) and

abbreviations. I didn’t know that pre-Roman was a hyphen and one capital. It even

includes proper names of real historical figures (James Bill Hickok) and fictional

characters (Prestor John). Most useful of all are the acronyms. Your PDA (personal

digital assistant) might have a VPN (virtual private network) without you knowing

anything about it. But with this book on your desk, you will. DB

Buy it here: The New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors (OUP £14.99)