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“As a result of coming today I will beg to be allowed to write some trails!”

Wonderful feedback from our latest Trails TextWorkshop at the Foundling Museum

“As a result of coming today I will beg to be allowed to write some trails!”

We were delighted by this feedback from our most recent Trails TextWorkshop at the Foundling Museum in London. Our courses are all about finding the why behind our writing, defining the who and then sharing plenty of tips for how to get on and do it really, really well – which has the added benefit of making everyone ask enthusiastically when can I get on with putting it all into practice.

Feedback from the course also included these thoughts:

“Exceeded my expectations. The best part of the day for me was looking at example trails and evaluating them. Also the practical elements, which forced you to put theory into practice.”

“I am now going to think about adult trails and after-hours trails. Something different.”

“It was really helpful and got me thinking about trails and activities, and the differences between them.”

“I will use the Seven ‘Es’ as a checklist when next devising a trail.”

“It was really productive and all pitched at the right level.”

“I learned that trails need a mission or a journey – they have to have a ‘why’.”

“The course was what I had hoped – I will now use the seven tips as a starting point for new trails.”

“This is a new framework for looking at my trails.”

“I enjoyed interacting with others on developing trails, in a great venue.”

“I’ll now have a renewed focus on the purpose of trails we are developing.”

“A really useful day – good amount of activity, creative inspiration and practical advice.”

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