Budding text-writers at the Garden Museum

A whole crop of brilliant budding text-writers gathered at the Garden Museum yesterday for our latest TextWorkshop.

We began with a spontaneous wordy warmup on the topic of gardening, including new roots, shoots, green fingers and fuzzy wuzzy worms… which laid the groundwork nicely for a day of writing, discussion and learning. Russell Clark gave us a tour of the Fashion and Gardening exhibition – highly recommended – and we very much enjoyed our surroundings on the banks of the Thames.

Here’s some of the feedback:

“Great insight into changing a sentence completely, just by changing a word or two.”

“Fantastic workshop leaders, inspiring. I learned to include more fun and informality into my writing.”

“The best part for me was thinking creatively about approaching text. I will remember who the text is for and use my own perspective as a visitor.”

“My main learning outcome is to stop dithering and write quickly!”

“I definitely saw the change in my text at the end of the workshop compared with the start of the day.”

“It was a fantastic day.”

“Really interesting day with lots of ideas to take back. I liked the mix of practical ideas and theory.”

“The day more than met my expectations. It was very practical and helpful with fresh presentation.”