Digital TextWorkshop resources

Museums and social media – see the stats here

Museum visitor stats –

The Super Six principles for digital text-writing

  • Cut it


  • Chunk it
    • people are only scanning. Need good headlines, headings and highlighted text


  • Organise it

  • Maximise it
    • People expect digital text to be less formal – make the most of this
    • Think of new ways to approach parts of your audience


  • Promote it
    • Digital text is a great way to get a bigger audience for yourself, your message, your museum
    • NHM 4.3 million through doors, 7.5 million to web
    • Social media now huge for museums. 2500+ museums using it. 8.5 million likes. 7.1 million followers on twitter


  • Feed it


The Wellcome Trust’s Dirt press release

Writing for interactives

  • Ben Gammon’s research on computer interactives

Twitter hashtags

  • thanks to Ellen Dowell

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