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“I’ve learned how to maximise the impact of words”

Storytelling with text at the Story Museum in Oxford

Storytelling is what museums are all about – and so it was fantastic to spend a day at the Story Museum in Oxford with delegates at our most recent TextWorkshop. As well as discussions, exercises and sharing our top tips for text-writing, we had a marvellous tour of the current 26 Characters exhibition, during which one delegate was crowned Queen on a particularly glorious throne.

Here’s some feedback from the day:

“It definitely met my expectations, and exceeded them, actually.”

“Inspiring, enjoyable and thought-provoking.”

“Be clear not clever. Really useful in a museum like the one I work in.”

“I’ve learned to read aloud and get some rhythm into my writing.”

“All the wonderful tips are short, practical and easy to remember.”

“I feel ready now to tackle our wordy, academic displays.”

“The day exceeded my expectations – I learned not to waffle, but to write for the chosen audience.”

“I never realised how much I used the passive tense before.”

“The tutors had a lot of energy and created a very good rapport.”

“I learned to enjoy writing and not to labour too much over it.”


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