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In-house TextWorkshop in Bristol

“My main learning outcome is how to write pithy, punchy text.”

We love working with teams in-house, and this week TextWorkshop was at M Shed, exploring great text-writing with Bristol Museums, Art Gallery and Archives.

BristolwaterfrontIn their lovely waterfront location it was great to get down to nitty-gritty tips about messages, audience and tone, and the all-important reasons behind the text we write.

Feedback included the following:

“The best part of today was having very practical tips with lots of examples and opportunity to put them into practice.”

20151126_123817s“It was all useful, simple and easy to follow.”

“My main learning outcome is how to write pithy, punchy text in a fun and informative way.”

“It more than met my expectations. The hook, the hey, the flow.”

“A really useful and inspiring day. Good to take time to consider my own work and to see so many examples from other sites.”

20151126_123810s“I feel inspired to try new ideas and work harder to improve my text.”

“It was very entertaining and informative. The day went very quickly.”

“It exceeded my expectations.”

“My main learning outcome is to get to the important or interesting message first in the 20151126_145652slabel. It’s obvious, but it frequently doesn’t happen.”

“As a result of today I will write more active text and use fewer exclamation marks.”

“After today I will read things in the style I am aiming at for the target audience before I start writing.”

“Great delivery, amazing range of examples.”


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