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“Lots of fantastic advice, all presented in a fun and friendly way”

Lovely feedback from our two latest TextWorkshops in Cheshire and Essex

What a great week, working with staff and volunteers at the Waterways Museum in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, and then with the team from the Last Poppy project in Essex.

Feedback from the teams has been great and we’ve loved being with them:

“Wonderfully inspiring – I love the fact that writing is presented as something to be continually improved.”

“Excellently delivered workshop, lots of fantastic advice, all presented in a fun and friendly way.”

“Just what I needed.”

“I will get more involved in writing interpretation now, as I feel much more confident.”

“As a result of today I will stop and think about writing in advance – who is it for?”

“Very enjoyable and informative, and very well presented.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and it’s certainly given me a boost.”

“The best part of the day was learning tips that I know I can implement for improving my writing.”

“A brilliant day.”

“It was spot on – exceeded my expectations.”

“The real-world examples were really useful and funny to help make the point.”

“It’s provided a focus and clarity in what to include and how to present it effectively.”

We offer a day packed with ideas, inspiration, examples and exercises to equip staff and volunteers to tackle any writing challenge. We also offer services in writing text strategies for museums, developing interpretation plans for individual galleries, and of course training staff in writing trails and working with social media.

If you’d like to discuss a course, just drop us a line at [email protected] or ring Rebecca on 07944 7244 26.

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