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Science and Industry Museum workshop

“Brilliant workshop and terrific teachers. Never has an all-day workshop been so much fun!”

We had such a great time working in-house with a group of staff and volunteers at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester. The stickers we brought to decorate delegates’ envelopes only caused a small amount of mayhem. Feedback included:

“All of the tips are super useful.”

“It was a fantastic day. I learnt tips and tricks which will be beneficial for years to come.”

“The best part of the day was realising how much we had improved our writing at the end of the day.”

“As a result of being here I will be less timid about showing people my work so they can help improve it. No one gets it right first time.”

“The atmosphere created by Dea and Rebecca was really positive and creative.”

“The pacing was excellent.”

“Genuinely really enjoyed this experience and it was wonderful meeting you and being involved.”

“I feel less scared about the blank page now.”

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