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Secrets of great text – shared at the Freemasonry Museum

“Reminded me what fun writing can be.”

“Reminded me what fun writing can be.”

“Most enjoyable – excellent presentation and good mix of presenting and interaction.”

“We’ll now have a more organised approach to exhibition writing.”

“I learned to think like the reader – and read the text out loud.”

“A fantastic day, lots of helpful tips.”

“I really learned the importance of having a story.”

“The practical exercises really helped instill the principles and gave me confidence.”

“I will now think more about what will excite my audience as well as what information I want them to know.”

“I’ve come away with lots of ideas.”

“My main learning outcome is how to trim down captions and make my text punchier.”

“I learned that I can write, I have good ideas but my structure has been wrong. I will now have the courage to write more. ”

Tour of the Freemasonry Museum
Tour of the Freemasonry Museum

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