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Stories of the World TextWorkshop

“Your workshop was fantastic – just what the group needed.”

Words, words, words…practicing my text writing skills after our @textworkshop session. Brilliant, head hurting day. – @mrmuse tweets about the workshop

We had a great day with the Stories of the World group in Newcastle last week – young people aged 15-25 who are developing an exhibition as part of the Cultural Olympiad. After rooting around in the museum stores, they’d found things from all around the world that told brilliant, unexpected tales. We helped them put these stories into words in a day filled with practical tips, discussion – and surprising revelations about sharks.

We were delighted by the feedback, from staff too: Thank you very much for making last Saturday an enjoyable day at work. Your workshop was fantastic – just what the group needed. And as a member of staff it is some of the best training I have ever received.

We look forward to seeing how the exhibition continues to develop, and wish the group well in their work.

Many thanks to@textworkshop for today. It was intense.

Picture: Sophie Robinson

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