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TextWorkshop at the Charles Dickens Museum

“Many thanks, I feel like a better curator already.”

Dramatic text, discussions and even a dragon were part of our TextWorkshop at the Charles Dickens Museum on 27th June. It was a really interesting day with lots to think about, and delegates gave this feedback:

“Text writing isn’t as scary as I thought.”

“I like the clear structure of the top tips and the takeaway cards.”

“Now I’ll be thinking about my message and tone – and thinking more before I put pen to paper.”

“The interactive exercises were fab, even for an introvert. I felt comfortable and inspired.”

“I learned so much about how to write – the 12 tips will help when I start writing interpretation.”

“I will now tackle daily writing with a different attitude.”

“As a result of being here I will be more proactive and participatory in writing text.”

“The delivery was much more punchy and engaging than I’d anticipated. It was really good – funny and inclusive.”

“I have loads of learning outcomes, but effectively, thinking ‘will this be interesting for my audience’ when writing.”

“I will play tonal word bingo in my meetings.” (possibly you had to be there to understand this one…)

“My action from today is to start and finish my whole writing process differently.”

“The everyday examples really helped to show what each tip was trying to teach us.”

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