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TextWorkshop at the Museum of London

“Every moment was incredibly useful”

We had a great day at the Museum of London on Monday, with delegates from the Science Museum, National Media Museum, Natural History Museum, Bodleian Library, Historic Royal Palaces, Keats House Museum and a team from Tower Bridge. Many thanks to the Museum of London for hosting us, and to Sandra Hedblad for the gallery tour. Here’s some of the day’s feedback:

“Brilliant day with practical tips and a great strategic vision.”

“My main learning outcome is to be brave and playful.”

“The best part was seeing how I would change my text that I wrote at the beginning, after I had learned everything.”

“My main outcomes were learning that you have to start, not end, with your best line. And to know your audience.”

“I learned the importance of thinking about the message, it seems common sense but in reality just doesn’t always happen.”

“There were loads of helpful suggestions.”

“An excellent session with very clear information. There were lots of good examples and it didn’t feel judgmental about bad ones.”

“The lovely 12-step process really helped solidify all the amazing tips in my mind.”

“Sometimes people give examples of good labels but don’t say what’s good about thhem. This workshop was great because it addressed each point.”

“Fantastic workshop. Would thoroughly recommend to others.”

“The best part was breaking down each tip with examples of how to achieve it – very practical.”

“I learned to be braver and more creative in my text.”

“My main learning outcome was to make every word count and really think about why it is there.”

“I liked the tangible tips that I can remember and apply to my work.”



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