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“This will revolutionise our trails text”

Following in the footsteps of Charles Dickens

Huge thanks to the Dickens Museum in London, for providing a fascinating and atmospheric location for our most recent Trails TextWorkshop. After a morning of tips and exercises, delegates created fantastic trails that took us all over the house and deeper into its stories. Nia McIntosh introduced us to the Dickens Museum’s own trails and everyone shared experiences of trail writing – as well as their aspirations now that they’ve been on the course.

Comments included:

“TextWorkshop has revolutionised our exhibition text and I think this will do the same for our trails!”

“The best part of the day was generating new ideas, challenging my existing concepts of how to approach trail-writing.”

“I loved developing our own trail – we couldn’t have done it without the morning session.”

“My main learning outcome is the focus on viewpoint and its power to inspire a visitor to take an imaginative leap.”

“The session was very welcoming and there were great tips from leaders and host.”

“As a result of being here I will write better trails and family interpretation.”

“I will now know how to inject the right tone.”

“Today fully met my expectations. I liked the balance of information in the morning and activity in the afternoon.”

“I will now have the confidence to use vocabulary in a way that not only imparts facts but also engages, entices and entertains.”

“I thought all of the day was excellent – my expectations were met in full.”

“I really like the seven secrets – I think this will be very useful.”

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