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Trails at the Jewish Museum

Sounds, secrets and celebrations at the Jewish Museum

Sounds, secrets and celebrations were the trail themes chosen by our delegates at Trails TextWorkshop this week. After a morning in which we revealed the seven secrets of great trails text, groups got to work putting the principles into practice. Thanks so much to the Jewish Museum, London for hosting us, and to everyone for making it a great day.

“The day exceeded my expectations.”

“I now have a much clearer idea of what is expected in a trail and how I might begin creating my own.”

“I saw how to write concisely, with confidence, and humour. I feel I will lighten up when creating future trails.”

“Great learning environment, the balance between taught and active parts of the course was good.”

“I learned that text can be adapted to suit the audience and to help tell a story.”

“I learned how to recognise the difference between trails and activity sheets.”

“My main learning outcome was that a trail should send visitors on a quest to give a purpose to the trail.”

“The course definitely met my expectations. I really enjoyed being able to actually make a trail within our groups.”

“I learned that I knew more than I thought while also learning more than I knew.”

“It was great using so many examples to work from.”

“I enjoyed thinking about how the language used in our trails can really suit the audience.”

“I learned you can make a trail prototype in under an hour!”

“The venue was awesome and the food tasty.”

“I can see that trails are a good way to test bolder ideas.”

“I learned that trails can enhance a gallery by making it more accessible to a different audience.”



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