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TextWorkshop at the Museum of the Order of St John

“The day was superb. Very enjoyable, hugely valuable and encouraging.”

We followed in the footsteps of giants in our TextWorkshop training room at the Museum of the Order of St John. As well as being the location of David Garrick’s first theatrical performance in London, the historic wood-panelled chamber was also where Samuel Johnson worked on The Gentleman magazine.

Here is some feedback from our joint efforts on the day to show the truth of Dr Johnson’s words: “A man may write at any time, if he will set himself doggedly to it”.

“The day exceeded my expectations – excellent workshop. The best part was analysing examples of great and dreadful text, and learning by example.”

“The day was superb. Very enjoyable, hugely valuable and encouraging.”

“The day very much fulfilled my hopes. The rich examples and writing practice really helped to bring home the lessons we had learned.”

“As a result of being here I will carry out warm-ups with words before even starting to write text. I will also spend more time putting myself in the audience’s shoes.”

“This was a fantastic workshop and genuinely insightful into something we mistakenly assume should be simple.”

“It has been a really positive, useful and constructive day – with many practical applications.”

“My main learning outcome was adding structure and rationale to the writing process – and many more tips.”

“The best parts of the day for me were all the practical examples and objects and label-writing.”

“Great real-life examples, engaging presentation and tasks that were practical. You see your growth throughout the day.”

“My main learning outcome is to say more with less. Museum text can be fun, cheeky and informative.”

“It was a really useful workshop – lots of practical tips that will give me confidence.”

“The best part of the day for me was being able to actively practice each technique as we went along to feel the impact.”



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