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In-house TextWorkshops with National Museums Liverpool

“I learned to write with passion and joy!”

We always love working with National Museums Liverpool, and we delivered two TextWorkshops there in December and January. Feedback included:

“My main learning outcome is: ‘hooks!’. And differentiation for audiences.”

“The day has made me think about text in a different way.”

“I will be more experimental now, and not follow conventional approaches.”

“I’m going to take a fresh perspective now.”

“I saw that ‘dulling down’ is more dangerous than ‘dumbing down’.”

“I liked hearing the before-and-after examples of labels which emphasised how the twelve tips really help.”

“I have learned to write more clearly and concisely.”

“My main learning outcome was that there is more to label-writing than the facts.”

“The session was delivered in a very professional and enjoyable way.”

“It reminded me that a label can be influential in someone’s life.”

“The exercises were breat! Really enjoyed the day, it was very useful for me.”

“The practical examples and exercises were the best part of the day.”

“I learned to write with passion and joy!”

“As a result of coming today I will think of interesting stories about objects in my collections and include other sensations than just visual when I am writing.”

“Very fun and thought-provoking course. Great tutors made things relaxed and had very helpful comments and suggestions.”

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