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Trails TextWorkshop at the Design Museum

“TextWorkshop changed my life – within hours!”

‘I’ll never see chairs in the same way again,’ commented one TextWorkshop delegate after trying out a trail freshly written by fellow delegates. Food and inventions, along with chairs, were the topics of trails written on Monday at our Trails TextWorkshop at the Design Museum, all with a powerful message and focused audience.

Sue Neaves from the Museum of London Docklands, who had previously been on our TextWorkshop for writing panels and labels, kindly credited us with changing her life:

“I attended TextWorkshop the day before an important interview. Imagine my joy when arriving the  next day, the first thing I was asked to do was to write some text. With all that practical advice still fresh in my mind how could I go wrong? Now I have the job of my dreams.”

Thanks, Sue! Delegates also fed back on Monday’s workshop:

“The day exceeded my expectations. It was inspiring and uplifting – made me feel like I can do it, rather than feeling inadequate!”

“As a result of today my trails will be innovative and inspirational.”

“I loved the day – it’s invaluable practical help and support.”

“The day was good value for money. I’ll use the advice to steer colleagues in the right direction.”

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