Atmosphere gallery opens

TextWorkshop’s training inspires on-screen writing

A new gallery Atmosphere – exploring climate science opened just before Christmas in the Science Museum’s Wellcome Wing. TextWorkshop ran a bespoke workshop for the team at the start of the project, focusing on how to write good text for interactives and touch-screen exhibits.

The gallery is full of impressive digital screen-based and projected interactives, with some wide-format videos that I loved and wanted to take home. Displayed throughout are the ice cores and read-outs that illustrate the practical evidence of climate science.

At the gallery opening I talked to a fellow invitee, who said that her grandfather had been a climate scientist. He had spent weeks at a time living in remote, icy camps, and any of the bearded, behatted scientists in the photographs could be him.

To understand climate science, there’s now an easier way than visiting the arctic wastes. You can find all the models and scenarios, not to mention the evidence itself, on show in this gallery. (RM)

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