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Download advice and evaluation summaries on writing educational resources, workshops, and much more

If you’re developing educational resources for your museum, or thinking of writing a new workshop or science show, then check out the free factsheets you can download from the Science Museum’s Sharing Expertise site.

You’ll find tips to consider at every stage of developing a project, as well as summaries of what evaluation has revealed, all gleaned from real-life projects and on-the-job experience.

TextWorkshop’s Rebecca Mileham is developing these resources in collaboration with the Science Museum. They’re based on interviews with key, experienced, staff across the museum’s sites, and are supported by results from the Visitor Research team.

The factsheets share what the Museum has learned about lots of relevant topics, including running sleepovers, recruiting visitor-facing staff, developing interactives and running discussion events.

Got an idea for a new factsheet that you’d find useful? Drop Rebecca a line at [email protected].

The full list of resources available is below.

What we’ve learned about…

* running sleepovers
* developing community outreach programmes
* developing schools’ outreach programmes
* writing and performing science shows
* developing workshops
* running science-based comedy events
* running discussion events
* evaluating discussion events
* developing educational resources
* running teachers’ courses
* running teachers’ advisory panels
* recruiting visitor-facing staff
* evaluating prototype exhibits
* learning from objects [PDF 96Kb]

Science Museum research summaries

* what parents want from a science show
* what teachers want from a science show
* what teachers want from museum websites
* what teachers want from classroom resources
* developing successful mechanical interactives
* running effective events in external venues
* providing effective continuing professional development teachers’ courses in museums
* creating content for continuing professional development teachers’ courses in museums

For more information, or to give feedback, please contact [email protected].

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