What is TextWorkshop?

Who are textworkshops for?

TextWorkshop offers a range of workshops to suit your writing needs.

Whether you’re an interpreter, curator, educator, exhibition developer, researcher, editor, museum manager, press officer or designer, TextWorkshops will help you improve your writing skills. We welcome participants from science museums and centres, art museums and galleries, heritage centres, local and national museums, gardens and visitor attractions.

All our courses are interactive and fast-paced and include the opportunity to write and discuss text, learn new skills from experts, gain valuable professional development and participate in group exercises.

TextWorkshop also offers bespoke workshops to meet your individual training needs. Just get in touch to discuss them with us directly.


Our unique TextWorkshop course brings together expertise from the worlds of museums and journalism to give you a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of good writing – and how to apply them to great text-writing. In a day packed with tips, examples and exercises, you’ll feel challenged and motivated, and you’ll take away lots of new and practical ideas.

Digital TextWorkshop

From the web to twitter, it’s never been more important to get your digital text-writing up to scratch. If you write for on-screen interactives or websites, and want to make sure your text is pixel-perfect, Digital TextWorkshop is for you. Join us to learn the tips and tricks of effective digital communication, and find out why and how you should tweet.

Trails TextWorkshop

Do you develop visitor trails for museums, galleries, historic houses, towns or gardens? Do you want to write trails that really work for their target audience? Then Trails TextWorkshop fits your needs. The day is packed with practical tips, examples and new ideas to take away. It includes the chance to look at what works and doesn’t work in a trail, experiment with diverse ways of writing trails, try out real-life trail text on-site and learn about new technologies on offer for trails.

Media TextWorkshop

If you write press releases, develop media strategies, work in audience development, organise media campaigns, help publicise and promote your exhibitions or projects – or would like to do any of these things – then Media TextWorkshop is for you. In an entertaining and fast-paced programme, you will learn how to publicise your exhibition, gallery or venue to maximum effect.

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