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Growing our skills at the Garden Museum, London

A sunny room overlooking the Garden Museum’s courtyard was the setting for fun and fertile discussions at a recent TextWorkshop. Delegates joined us from the Barbican, Royal College of Physicians, Science Museum, Freemasonry Museum, Dorset Museums, Toynbee Hall, Alleyn’s School, Archives & Cornish Studies Service and Historic England.

Eleanor Black gave us a tour at lunchtime, introducing us to the excellent cucumber straightener invented by George Stephenson (of steam engine fame) among many other fruits of gardening’s heritage.

Feedback from the day included:

“As a result of being here I will just write (rather than fretting over it).”

“I liked the practical examples which help to put theory into practice.”

“My main learning outcome is not to leave the good and interesting bits until the end.”

“There was great rapport between Rebecca, Dea and the class. I would absolutely recommend.”

“I learned to succinctly convey feeling and the sense of an object’s value through text.”

“The energy was the best part but of course the information was invaluable too.”

“I will ensure that the tone fits all the messages I am communicating.”

“It was consistently helpful – we were given lots of relevant advice and it was suitably challenging.”

“Focus on the audience and make information much more accessible.”

“As a result of being here I will rewrite some of the labels I’m currently working on, to make them stand out.”

“The best part was returning to the mystery object to progressively refine the text.”

“After being here I will actually get on and write the text I’m supposed to, instead of putting it off.”

“Museum text isn’t a specific thing, it’s good writing.”

“I LOVED all the examples.”

“The course superseded my expectations.”

“I feel more confident to write captions for the exhibition I am working on.”

Eleanor shows us how to keep our cucumbers straight.

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